A funny sort of quiz that might have started in USA.Or Canada.Or maybe Germany.

Anyway,some cats of Dinah’s friend in Texas played the game and now the Witch tells us we should join in.

Really? We’d rather sleep.

But here we go.

Favourite food  Raw chicken neck. Jellimeat (that’s our name for the cat food that She buys in sachets. But we only like the beef casserole or tuna white meat. Cheese also good, but we are not allowed to eat a lot.Bacon. (Sporran likes prawns.Geiger walks away in disgust. Dinah.)

Favourite drinks  Water. Well, that’s all we’re allowed to drink!

Places we’ve been Hahah! Most yards in this street, as long as the resident dogs are not there. In and on cupboards, behind the tv screen, beds, sofas, chairs, keyboards (computer and piano) bathtub.The Vet’s surgery.

Names we are called  Ratbag, Ferret, Tuppence,Sporrios, Geigertiger. And quite a few strange words!

Did we win? Is there a prize? What….? Nothing?

Remember that pizza thing? Well, it seems to work because the bi-peds have had 3 pizzas so far. But She put olives and pimento on and we didn’t like it.

She has been crawling through our garden again, looking spiders. This one “went missing” but there is another one on the mango tree.

Young Nephila plumipes  Oct 5   IMG_0428.JPG

The Man says it is Happy Hour.That means cheese!








Well, things may be about to get more interesting here.

Yesterday, when  our secretary went to the Purveyor of Pussy Fare, she bought something which she says will be good for baking pizza.

Yeah, right! Like she bakes pizza! Still, it’s promising…img_0492

The thing for making pizza


See those green bits in the picture? They grow in a big tub on the back deck. We are in charge of making sure the hoppergrass doesn’t eat them. And the white bits? That’s cheese!

We are hopeful of a small portion…

In other news…our neighbour is away so we are watering the gardens and generally keeping an eye on things. IMG_0490.JPG

Geiger on sentry duty


Apparently, the Secretary has been tinkering with all that rubbish over on her blog and she has to go out now and run some errands so she’s nicked OUR BLOG for practice. Damned cheek, we say!

Oh well, we’ll have a poke around while she’s out and see if we can sort things out.


It’s been so long since we did anything on this blog we’ve probably forgotten which keys to use.

And, to make things even more tricky, The Secretary has a new machine. Things  are not in the same old place. No.

But the reason we insisted on posting something RIGHT NOW. TODAY is that we’ve just had a birthday!

Well, it was yesterday and we are 8 years old. Did we get presents? Treats? Cake? Did we ‘eck as like! But we are hopeful of something extra tasty at dinner time.

Notice the new banner? Pretty swish, huh? That’s me, Geiger, helping with the decorating. Apparently, we’ll be getting new curtains, too, so I might be called in to lend a paw then as well.The Secretary goes nuts when all her pins get rusty so I’ve stropped my claws, ready to help…

Sorry we can’t post some pictures of us, but The Secretary is still trying to find all the stuff that got lost/muddled/misplaced when she got the new toy. As they say,it’s a bit of a bugger’s muddle…


Rip it to shreds!

What? You thought we were going to write a Martha Stewart essay? Don’t be daft! We have better things to do, like training our bi-peds, following the Bag Moth (the bi-ped Man has named him Casey. Puh-leeese!) and snoozing.

case moth 3T

The Man moved Casey onto a bush in the garden and he keeps checking to see if Casey is still there.

It has been very hot here. Those people who chatter about weather on the television news are saying things like “hottest day ever recorded” and “record-breaking heatwave” and some of them even warn that “things will get worse”

We are sensible cats.We stay hydrated and find nice cool spots to snooze.Behind the big herb planter is good because The Secretary waters that often!

Now, our friends Jazz and Jewel (who live here ) have sent us a movie clip.Hmm…we see possibilities in this…

Happy New Year to you all.

In which we have a little fun.

Despite our reputation for being aloof, we cats do have our “silly moments.”

This is not to be confused with being dressed up in silly costumes. But we do like a good game. Mind you, there’d be hell to pay here if we started chasing cars! But we have a tennis ball that affords a good work-out. And if you kick it hard enough you can make it ricochet off the skirting board…strike the right angle and you can send it whizzing all the way up the hall and into their bedroom. I hope they never get carpets here!

We don’t fancy the idea of swimming, but we know of several cats who do like a dip. Dinah knows a cat in Finland who used to spend the summer with his people at a cabin by a lake and every morning, he would trot along the jetty, jump into the lake and swim back to the shore. Tourists would come to take his photo.(Of course, we can all swim, but choose not to.)

But Dinah’s friend sent us  this link…    Way to go,Cat!

Me? I’ve been helping them load the rubbish trailer so I think I’ll have a snooze now…Dinah is busy with *my* camera, trying to take pictures of a thing she thinks might be this thing    002

We hope you all had a good time at Christmas, with good things to eat and none of this nonsense

A small amusement to complement the mince pies.
Best read in an upper-crust English accent!

My dearest Rodders…what an original choice…a partridge in a pear tree! How absolutely nouveau! I have set the tree in a half wine barrel (the one you emptied last Christmas!) and I must say, the little partridge looks quite at home there. Funny, really, I always thought they lived on the moors, or somewhere. Like grouse. Oh, well…
Thank you, my love.
Your very own Angela.
Nigel, darling! How sweet of you to send me these adorable doves. I adore them. And I adore you, you dear boy, to think of such an unusual gift.
All my love…Angie.
Dear Rupert. Thank you for your gift of three French hens. Baxter is making them a cage as they are rather aggressive towards my turtle doves. And they do tend to scratch around the African violets. But thank you, anyway.

Dear Jonathon, your novel gift has just been delivered. Fortunately, Baxter has not put away his Black and Decker things, so he can enlarge the hens’ cage. I’m not really sure what calling birds ( colley birds?) do. But it’s very sweet of you to send them.


Bertie! You sweetheart! I love you to distraction! And even more for sending rings, not birds! Honestly, Bertie, a girl can stand just so much livestock. But one can NEVER have too many gold rings! Kisses!
Your Angel.


Dear George, it was kind of you to send all these geese. Just one tiny quibble, Georgie __ geese are very protective of their eggs and poor Mrs. Baxter was most horribly pecked. She threatened to give notice, which, of course, would mean losing Baxter, too. And I simply couldn’t do without him! All these cages and things to build… so please don’t be too cross, Georgie, if I ask the farm to take the geese.
Yours, Angela.


Dear Teddy. Good manners compel me to thank you for your gift of seven swans. But, really, Teddy, where do you suppose seven swans could swim in a Belgravia flat!!


Dear Roger. I think you must have suffered quite a serious head bump in last week’s Llanelli match. Eight milkmaids may look rustically picturesque, but eight cows…really! I am returning them.


Dear Simon. Fancy thinking of sending a chorus line! We are getting rather crowded here, but at least your dancing girls are not feathered. Well, their costumes are a little frou-frou, but they don’t cluck or chirp or cackle. Thank you.
As ever…Angela.


Dear Tim. So kind of you to send such a different gift. I was wondering where to put everyone, but nine of your lords have run off with Simon’s dancing girls and Elspeth’s looking for a new lover ( you did hear about Toby, I suppose?) so that problem is solved.
Yours, Angela.


Angus ___ they may be highly regarded at Balmoral, but in a small, CROWDED Belgravia flat, eleven pipers are too much! And too many! They will be on the 8.15 from Euston.
Crossly, Angela.


Dear Charles, I am returning your unasked-for and unwanted gift of twelve drummers. Kindly pay the taxi drivers when they arrive.
Angela Smyth-Ffortesque.


I pinched that from The Secretary’s old blog. She said I could use it because she still owns it. Apparently it’s also in a book or magazine. )


And about time, too! The Man is busy playing with  working on his car. And, as it is also “our” car, this means we have to find other snooze places. It used to be nice along the back fence, but that stupid dog can see us and kicks up a racket.

We went next door (which, as far as we are concerned, is also our place) and that was OK for a while, then we came back for some crunchies.

And decided to update our blog.

With pictures.


This is one of the ginormous mantis things we have here. They are fun to watch and maybe to chase, but they taste terrible! The Secretary has more pictures here

After the Tree Men came and cut down hundreds and hundreds   some of our big trees, we helped Dinah to tidy the wisteria, training the stems to grow along a wire. It was hard work  so we formed SCAT, which has nothing to do with poo! It is the Society of Cat Auxiliary Trainers and we have applied to be affiliated with the Together Union, because they seem to be pretty good at demanding  more crunchies  wages for their workers.

Geiger helping to clear dead leaves


Geiger helping






And The Secretary put  the table and chairs there. She seems to think it will be a relaxing spot for her and The Man to sit with a cool beverage…

We, of course, have our own plans…cushions would be a nice addition, please.

Oh yes…one more thing. Geiger is no longer diabolic.


Be afraid.Be very afraid…

It has been  hot. Very hot. So hot that even our shady garden patches have been too hot to stay there long.Much nicer to come indoors where The Secretary has fans making a nice breeze. But the heat does strange things to people and animals. Makes them all jittery and nervy, ready to bolt at a stirring leaf or a creaking hinge…

Yesterday, we had just had our dinner and were settling down to snooze on the sofa (me) and the rocking chair (Sporran), when all hell broke loose!

Quick as a flash, I raced up to the Big Bedroom and into my hiding place  ambush station in the closet.Sporran will tell you what happened next…

Loud feet, thumping on the stairs, shrill kiddy-voices that made me flatten my ears. The Man called out to Dinah “They’re here!”

Dinah turned on the verandah light and screamed!



Well, wouldn’t you?

But the bi-peds thought that the children had made an effort to look scary so The Secretary gave them some sweets and they left us in peace. But it was a close call.Even for a bold witch-cat.


. If you don’t know what it is really all about we have found a link for you: where you can read about it and then you’ll understand why we think it is a bit silly to celebrate in our hot season.

The next thing will be bloody Christmas!




Well, here’s a surprise – The Secretary has given us free rein today. Apparently, the ginger beauties over at  Jane’s place are hosting  this month’s “flowers in the house” so Dinah has said, since it seems to be a cat affair, we can do it.(She is messing about taking pictures of the Man’s car, then she has to cook dinner. Or something.)

So…it’s very, very hot and dry here so we are scraping the barrel for pretty flowers. But She did bring some home from the flower place which is right next to the Purveyor of Pussy Fare. Hmm…the flowers are already suffering in the heat so maybe we should send Her back to the shops again? Chick-ennnn!

2013-10-18 08.16.34

Here, you can see how we have rearranged the Silver Gum leaves. She had stuck them, plonk! in the middle, but we think they are better this way.You can appreciate the Leucospermum (that’s the funny-looking orange-coloured one. It smells terrible!) Some of the white bits smell alright. She calls them Chamelaucium .They never come.If she called me a stupid name I don’t think I’d come, either!

2013-10-18 08.15.40


Here’s another one.

Tomorrow, they will be in the compost bin. I wonder why the pi-peds pick flowers if they are just going to die?

In other news…Sporran is still having needles poked in her. Something to do with her plumbing, we think. But her appetite is fine!

Mr. Next Door is away so we are looking after his garden. He doesn’t have any flowers to pick either.  Everyone is hoping for the rain to start.

And the men will be coming to cut down our trees on Wednesday. We’ll see if we can get our paws on a picture box…






Man! Have you any idea how difficult it is for us to get anything done around here?

The Secretary is rushing about all over the place.She claims to be “very busy.” One of the things she is doing is ripping things out of our garden. Damn’ cheek, we call it! We had really good hides in there and now all the birds   the whole world can see us.

Also, she tells us some men will be coming to cut down some of our trees. Whaaaat??

young casuarina


So it’s a good thing there is a replacement already growing!

Also, we have both been back to Dr. Vet again! I, Geiger, have to have my blood stolen every two months just so the stupid bi-peds can tell I’m healthy.

And I, Sporran, had to have a needle because something was wrong with my inside parts. But I’m healthy, too, so what is it with these needles!

Do we look sick?





No! Of course not. (We had just polished off some chicken necks and now we’re off to have a snooze…)