And about time, too! The Man is busy playing with  working on his car. And, as it is also “our” car, this means we have to find other snooze places. It used to be nice along the back fence, but that stupid dog can see us and kicks up a racket.

We went next door (which, as far as we are concerned, is also our place) and that was OK for a while, then we came back for some crunchies.

And decided to update our blog.

With pictures.


This is one of the ginormous mantis things we have here. They are fun to watch and maybe to chase, but they taste terrible! The Secretary has more pictures here

After the Tree Men came and cut down hundreds and hundreds   some of our big trees, we helped Dinah to tidy the wisteria, training the stems to grow along a wire. It was hard work  so we formed SCAT, which has nothing to do with poo! It is the Society of Cat Auxiliary Trainers and we have applied to be affiliated with the Together Union, because they seem to be pretty good at demanding  more crunchies  wages for their workers.

Geiger helping to clear dead leaves


Geiger helping






And The Secretary put  the table and chairs there. She seems to think it will be a relaxing spot for her and The Man to sit with a cool beverage…

We, of course, have our own plans…cushions would be a nice addition, please.

Oh yes…one more thing. Geiger is no longer diabolic.



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