Man! Have you any idea how difficult it is for us to get anything done around here?

The Secretary is rushing about all over the place.She claims to be “very busy.” One of the things she is doing is ripping things out of our garden. Damn’ cheek, we call it! We had really good hides in there and now all the birds   the whole world can see us.

Also, she tells us some men will be coming to cut down some of our trees. Whaaaat??

young casuarina


So it’s a good thing there is a replacement already growing!

Also, we have both been back to Dr. Vet again! I, Geiger, have to have my blood stolen every two months just so the stupid bi-peds can tell I’m healthy.

And I, Sporran, had to have a needle because something was wrong with my inside parts. But I’m healthy, too, so what is it with these needles!

Do we look sick?





No! Of course not. (We had just polished off some chicken necks and now we’re off to have a snooze…)


5 thoughts on “KEYBOARD TIME- YAY!

  1. you have a very beautiful garden and there will be more sunny spots to snooze in soon & hope the visits to the vet will have get you both feeling purrfect for the summer!

    1. WE are not at all impressed! But The Secretary keeps saying she is worried about this thing or that thing.The vet wants to test Sporran’s wee and it’s quite funny watching Dinah rush around after Sporran, trying to get some. 🙂

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