Well, here’s a surprise – The Secretary has given us free rein today. Apparently, the ginger beauties over at  Jane’s place are hosting  this month’s “flowers in the house” so Dinah has said, since it seems to be a cat affair, we can do it.(She is messing about taking pictures of the Man’s car, then she has to cook dinner. Or something.)

So…it’s very, very hot and dry here so we are scraping the barrel for pretty flowers. But She did bring some home from the flower place which is right next to the Purveyor of Pussy Fare. Hmm…the flowers are already suffering in the heat so maybe we should send Her back to the shops again? Chick-ennnn!

2013-10-18 08.16.34

Here, you can see how we have rearranged the Silver Gum leaves. She had stuck them, plonk! in the middle, but we think they are better this way.You can appreciate the Leucospermum (that’s the funny-looking orange-coloured one. It smells terrible!) Some of the white bits smell alright. She calls them Chamelaucium .They never come.If she called me a stupid name I don’t think I’d come, either!

2013-10-18 08.15.40


Here’s another one.

Tomorrow, they will be in the compost bin. I wonder why the pi-peds pick flowers if they are just going to die?

In other news…Sporran is still having needles poked in her. Something to do with her plumbing, we think. But her appetite is fine!

Mr. Next Door is away so we are looking after his garden. He doesn’t have any flowers to pick either.  Everyone is hoping for the rain to start.

And the men will be coming to cut down our trees on Wednesday. We’ll see if we can get our paws on a picture box…







  1. Jazz n Jewel like to rearrange flowers too. And consider their artistic talent superior. Very. Though the leaves make Jewel puke. On the carpet. She is never very sick – just a little bit sick in a lot of places.

  2. Well kittens, not only are your flowers beautifully arranged, this has been a very informative post.
    I use many of these same flowers in the flower shop but until now have had no idea of their names.
    I shall defer to your knowledge and as soon as I figure how to pronounce them, will sprinkle them into conversations with customers and fellow workers.

    sorry about the mouse pic……

    xo J

    1. Apparently, some of the other flowers also have a funny name, like leucodendron. The Secretary gets them mixed up. Personally, we don’t care what you want to call them.They still don’t come.

  3. Cats and humans always have such different ideas about flowers in the house. We call it the Salad Bar, since we find chewed up leaves and flowers, generally courtesy of our Alice. (what an exotic arrangement!!)

    1. Oh, we don’t chew them! Mostly, they smell so horrid we don’t want to.Also, when we were little kittens we were told VERY FIRMLY that it was a bad idea.
      We just looked up that word. Ooh! It makes us sound very grand. 🙂

  4. Dammit girls, I just left you a long witty comment, but @#$%!! WordPress wouldn’t let me leave my comment or let me sign in. After several minutes getting the WordPress runaround, I finally was allowed to return, only to discover my comment has been dumped. There are some programmers out there who deserve to have an army of black cats suck their breath, I swear! Grrrr.

    1. Dinah here….because Blogger didn’t like Geiger replying on one of its blogs!!!. Breath-sucked-out-by-cats seems a reasonable response to programmers who monkey with things just because they can!

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