A funny sort of quiz that might have started in USA.Or Canada.Or maybe Germany.

Anyway,some cats of Dinah’s friend in Texas played the game and now the Witch tells us we should join in.

Really? We’d rather sleep.

But here we go.

Favourite food  Raw chicken neck. Jellimeat (that’s our name for the cat food that She buys in sachets. But we only like the beef casserole or tuna white meat. Cheese also good, but we are not allowed to eat a lot.Bacon. (Sporran likes prawns.Geiger walks away in disgust. Dinah.)

Favourite drinks  Water. Well, that’s all we’re allowed to drink!

Places we’ve been Hahah! Most yards in this street, as long as the resident dogs are not there. In and on cupboards, behind the tv screen, beds, sofas, chairs, keyboards (computer and piano) bathtub.The Vet’s surgery.

Names we are called  Ratbag, Ferret, Tuppence,Sporrios, Geigertiger. And quite a few strange words!

Did we win? Is there a prize? What….? Nothing?

Remember that pizza thing? Well, it seems to work because the bi-peds have had 3 pizzas so far. But She put olives and pimento on and we didn’t like it.

She has been crawling through our garden again, looking spiders. This one “went missing” but there is another one on the mango tree.

Young Nephila plumipes  Oct 5   IMG_0428.JPG

The Man says it is Happy Hour.That means cheese!







8 thoughts on “GAME OF PAWS

  1. I see that G and S are deprived. Like the resident fur(s) here.
    The long lost Medlyn’s favourite food was cauliflower briyani. Jazz is more conventional.
    Water is fine. And should be drunk from the human’s glass. I can remember waking early to see Jazz dipping his kitty litter scratchers into my glass then licking it because the level was too low for his snout.

    1. Oh, no! Surely no one would say that of you? We have seen your picture and we know you are not a rag-bag.But that might even be better than being called a RAT bag!

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