Be afraid.Be very afraid…

It has been  hot. Very hot. So hot that even our shady garden patches have been too hot to stay there long.Much nicer to come indoors where The Secretary has fans making a nice breeze. But the heat does strange things to people and animals. Makes them all jittery and nervy, ready to bolt at a stirring leaf or a creaking hinge…

Yesterday, we had just had our dinner and were settling down to snooze on the sofa (me) and the rocking chair (Sporran), when all hell broke loose!

Quick as a flash, I raced up to the Big Bedroom and into my hiding place  ambush station in the closet.Sporran will tell you what happened next…

Loud feet, thumping on the stairs, shrill kiddy-voices that made me flatten my ears. The Man called out to Dinah “They’re here!”

Dinah turned on the verandah light and screamed!



Well, wouldn’t you?

But the bi-peds thought that the children had made an effort to look scary so The Secretary gave them some sweets and they left us in peace. But it was a close call.Even for a bold witch-cat.


. If you don’t know what it is really all about we have found a link for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samhain where you can read about it and then you’ll understand why we think it is a bit silly to celebrate in our hot season.

The next thing will be bloody Christmas!





Well, here’s a surprise – The Secretary has given us free rein today. Apparently, the ginger beauties over at  Jane’s place are hosting  this month’s “flowers in the house” so Dinah has said, since it seems to be a cat affair, we can do it.(She is messing about taking pictures of the Man’s car, then she has to cook dinner. Or something.)

So…it’s very, very hot and dry here so we are scraping the barrel for pretty flowers. But She did bring some home from the flower place which is right next to the Purveyor of Pussy Fare. Hmm…the flowers are already suffering in the heat so maybe we should send Her back to the shops again? Chick-ennnn!

2013-10-18 08.16.34

Here, you can see how we have rearranged the Silver Gum leaves. She had stuck them, plonk! in the middle, but we think they are better this way.You can appreciate the Leucospermum (that’s the funny-looking orange-coloured one. It smells terrible!) Some of the white bits smell alright. She calls them Chamelaucium .They never come.If she called me a stupid name I don’t think I’d come, either!

2013-10-18 08.15.40


Here’s another one.

Tomorrow, they will be in the compost bin. I wonder why the pi-peds pick flowers if they are just going to die?

In other news…Sporran is still having needles poked in her. Something to do with her plumbing, we think. But her appetite is fine!

Mr. Next Door is away so we are looking after his garden. He doesn’t have any flowers to pick either.  Everyone is hoping for the rain to start.

And the men will be coming to cut down our trees on Wednesday. We’ll see if we can get our paws on a picture box…






Man! Have you any idea how difficult it is for us to get anything done around here?

The Secretary is rushing about all over the place.She claims to be “very busy.” One of the things she is doing is ripping things out of our garden. Damn’ cheek, we call it! We had really good hides in there and now all the birds   the whole world can see us.

Also, she tells us some men will be coming to cut down some of our trees. Whaaaat??

young casuarina


So it’s a good thing there is a replacement already growing!

Also, we have both been back to Dr. Vet again! I, Geiger, have to have my blood stolen every two months just so the stupid bi-peds can tell I’m healthy.

And I, Sporran, had to have a needle because something was wrong with my inside parts. But I’m healthy, too, so what is it with these needles!

Do we look sick?





No! Of course not. (We had just polished off some chicken necks and now we’re off to have a snooze…)


Yes, the Boss is going to be rather busy (something to do with the car-without-wheels, I think) and his 2IC is going away again…so I will be calling the shots.

First of all, there is the matter of our header. Yes, it’s a nice chair and our friend has done a good job painting those cat eyes…but it’s a bit off-centre, isn’t it? I think I could do a better job, now that I have  a new camera…

camera skillz I has them

What’s that, you say..,? Where is she off to this time? To Canada, to see Zulu and Coco and Finn! Oh, and some human friends, too.

Photo: "we claim this lump of ice for Canada!"

Quite excited, she is, though we can’t really see what the fuss is about. She says she might take some pictures of little black squirrels…WAIDAMINUTE…!She’s going to take my new camera? Oh, phooey!

I suppose I can spend my time snoozing.Maybe I’ll hunt the grasshoppers…


And we just learned, from our BLACK friend, ‘Kaika, that we Black cats have an official Day. Woohoo! Look at this. Thank you, ‘Kaika.



We have both just come home from visiting Dr.Dave. He says we’re good girls. He also says we both have good glucose readings. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to go back in 2 months for another test, but Sporran’s off that hook. How come, if BOTH of us have good levels, I still have to have another test? That smacks of victimisation!

But the bi-peds are happy and have promised a Special Treat tonight…

It’s drizzling and the road machines are back so snoozing seems the best option…



Yes, seriously.

They have been monkeying with our email settings and we’ve had to nag the Secretary to sort it out. As The Man is fond of saying: “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.”

On to the more important news…The Man didn’t tell Dinah about this (just hold still- I’ll get to it in a minute, OK?) til she came home, but he had to take me to see Dr. Vet a couple of weeks ago. I went to the scratch-box several times, but didn’t pee. He was worried and so was Dr.Vet.


And Dr. Vet says I’m diabolic.[she means diabetic. Ed.] Diabolic, diabetic, who cares!

[We all care, Geiger. Just tell the story.Ed] 

Well, when Dinah came home she and The Man went to see Dr. Vet and asked him what they should do. That’s rich! they don’t have to “do” anything. I’m the one who has to have things “done.” And the first thing was a change in diet.The Wicked Witch got rid of our old crunchies and started feeding us new ones.

Sporran here: yes, I’m having the same food, but it’s OK because the new crunchies taste good.

And I’m not allowed to have any “extra treats” like the occasional miniscule scrap of bacon or that little bit of Cheddar that falls off the grater thingy. Holy guacamole! I didn’t think she could move that fast!

And today the Witch came home  and told us that we both have to go to Dr. vetr next Tuesday and have another blood test.

Yes, me too! I’m not sick so it doesn’t seem fair!

Ed. It’s because you are sisters and Dr. Vet wants to be sure you are OK, Sporran.

So…that’s our miserable news. If we survive the ordeal on Tuesday we’ll let you know.

Oh yes, one more thing…the Witch is a traitor! When she went to France she let another cat sleep on her bed!



This cat is called Cola. He has a brother called Coca. I suppose the Evil Witch missed us and Cola was just being kind.