Well, things may be about to get more interesting here.

Yesterday, when  our secretary went to the Purveyor of Pussy Fare, she bought something which she says will be good for baking pizza.

Yeah, right! Like she bakes pizza! Still, it’s promising…img_0492

The thing for making pizza


See those green bits in the picture? They grow in a big tub on the back deck. We are in charge of making sure the hoppergrass doesn’t eat them. And the white bits? That’s cheese!

We are hopeful of a small portion…

In other news…our neighbour is away so we are watering the gardens and generally keeping an eye on things. IMG_0490.JPG

Geiger on sentry duty



Time. A completely silly human device, with no apparent relation to the important markers of a life.

This is how the bi-peds measure their concept of time. Complicated, yes?

They should just live as we animals do. Eat.Sleep.Wake.Eat. Sleep…easy!

I have, therefore, introduced my system, based on the need for food after having slept off the food I last ate.

This system is known as GMT (Geiger Meal Time) and, to make it easy for “them” to understand, I have based it on a solar observance. Before the sun begins to take away the shadows I apply paw pressure*, coupled with vocalisation, to The Secretary.

At other times, vocalisation can be varied with banging of pantry doors. You will find a method that best suits your household.

One more thing…I think the “royal” epithet is entirely appropriate. So I’m appropriating it!

*(vigorous paw pressure ensures that she goes to her “litter tray” )