It’s been so long since we did anything on this blog we’ve probably forgotten which keys to use.

And, to make things even more tricky, The Secretary has a new machine. Things  are not in the same old place. No.

But the reason we insisted on posting something RIGHT NOW. TODAY is that we’ve just had a birthday!

Well, it was yesterday and we are 8 years old. Did we get presents? Treats? Cake? Did we ‘eck as like! But we are hopeful of something extra tasty at dinner time.

Notice the new banner? Pretty swish, huh? That’s me, Geiger, helping with the decorating. Apparently, we’ll be getting new curtains, too, so I might be called in to lend a paw then as well.The Secretary goes nuts when all her pins get rusty so I’ve stropped my claws, ready to help…

Sorry we can’t post some pictures of us, but The Secretary is still trying to find all the stuff that got lost/muddled/misplaced when she got the new toy. As they say,it’s a bit of a bugger’s muddle…


18 thoughts on “WE’RE BACK!

  1. Mia says hi and Happy Birthday, and it was her 7th birthday last week. No treats but there was some dreadful mewling noise from the Man and the Woman. Singing, I think they called it!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!!
    When Ms Dinah directed me here I thought I was being sent to an upmarket gentleman’s outfitters in the vicinity of Glasgow, but this is so much better!

  3. Happy (belated) birthday 🙂
    Eight is indeed very much kitty prime.
    I hope you had lovely, yummy treats and cat nip galore.

    As far as I remember, my kitties used to say that curtains made great nail sharpeners.
    And, I was “on trend” back then with new look vertical blinds – courtesy of the kitties – at no cost 😉

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