Be afraid.Be very afraid…

It has been  hot. Very hot. So hot that even our shady garden patches have been too hot to stay there long.Much nicer to come indoors where The Secretary has fans making a nice breeze. But the heat does strange things to people and animals. Makes them all jittery and nervy, ready to bolt at a stirring leaf or a creaking hinge…

Yesterday, we had just had our dinner and were settling down to snooze on the sofa (me) and the rocking chair (Sporran), when all hell broke loose!

Quick as a flash, I raced up to the Big Bedroom and into my hiding place  ambush station in the closet.Sporran will tell you what happened next…

Loud feet, thumping on the stairs, shrill kiddy-voices that made me flatten my ears. The Man called out to Dinah “They’re here!”

Dinah turned on the verandah light and screamed!



Well, wouldn’t you?

But the bi-peds thought that the children had made an effort to look scary so The Secretary gave them some sweets and they left us in peace. But it was a close call.Even for a bold witch-cat.


. If you don’t know what it is really all about we have found a link for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samhain where you can read about it and then you’ll understand why we think it is a bit silly to celebrate in our hot season.

The next thing will be bloody Christmas!




15 thoughts on “A FRIGHTFUL TALE…

    1. Oh! We’ve heard about that, but because it is bush fire season they are not allowed to have bonfires.Sometimes, people have fireworks down on the beach.I go to my ambush station and Sporran watches from the sitting room window.She’s bonkers!

  1. Well the cats and I are horrified by your experience. If Gus would come out from under the bed he might add a line or two, but there are some almost as spooky humans

  2. Wow! I don’t blame you for hiding from that scary guy! I hope you got well compensated with kitty treats for the experience, after all.

      1. We have never gotten any little sticky-fingered little humans since I have lived in this house with my humans. That’s a good thing because the humans don’t need to buy candy nor feel obliged not to waste the leftovers.

  3. Jazz n Jewel would have done EXACTLY the same. Except that they would have growled as they headed for safety.
    And, did you have to mention the C word? Cats have had their mouths washed out for less…

  4. Our small persons went trick or treating but didn’t look as scary as that photo of yours! In fact they looked very sweet and didn’t want to look ugly and scary. We made sure our little dog was safely tucked up on the sofa, can’t take chances with little dogs or cats. Please forgive me mentioning the little dog, she’s very cat-like really. I’m glad you survived the night. Silly humans.

  5. When i lived in a neighborhood where there were actual small people, i’d make my quadriped, Mr. Pickles, dress up and sit on the front porch with me to greet the costumed guests! He made a lot less noise that way… usually when the doorbell rings, he’ll bark for an hour or more!

    1. Well, we certainly don’t like barking quadripeds! Bentley-the-Barker lives next door and one day we’re going to sort him out! But we’ve heard the mr.Pickles is a good fellow and we’d like to see him dressed-up.Come to that, we think all barkers should be dressed-up!Evil, we are….bwahahaha!

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