Yes, the Boss is going to be rather busy (something to do with the car-without-wheels, I think) and his 2IC is going away again…so I will be calling the shots.

First of all, there is the matter of our header. Yes, it’s a nice chair and our friend has done a good job painting those cat eyes…but it’s a bit off-centre, isn’t it? I think I could do a better job, now that I have  a new camera…

camera skillz I has them

What’s that, you say..,? Where is she off to this time? To Canada, to see Zulu and Coco and Finn! Oh, and some human friends, too.

Photo: "we claim this lump of ice for Canada!"

Quite excited, she is, though we can’t really see what the fuss is about. She says she might take some pictures of little black squirrels…WAIDAMINUTE…!She’s going to take my new camera? Oh, phooey!

I suppose I can spend my time snoozing.Maybe I’ll hunt the grasshoppers…


And we just learned, from our BLACK friend, ‘Kaika, that we Black cats have an official Day. Woohoo! Look at this. Thank you, ‘Kaika.



11 thoughts on “I’M IN CHARGE!

  1. So glad you’re bringing a real camera. My servant is too lazy to take out hers these days so I’m faced with smiling for a stupid tablet! Love Zulu …. oh alright … AND those lower-order tenants.

  2. A mighty fine House Panther you are, Ms. Geiger! So the Secretary is getting ready to abandon you again? I thought at first you were going into the spy business with your fancy camera, you know, capture stuff on film and blow the whistle. How do they treat whistleblowers in Oz, anyway?

  3. Just think of the mischief you can cause–tee hee–if you start secretly taking pics of the Secretary and upload them to the internet! Even though you don’t have opposable thumbs, you girls are so smart, I’m sure you can figure it out. And even if she does steal your camera when she goes away, think of the mischief you can make around the house for her to come home to! Have fun girls! I know Sporran will want to help.

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