… take the advice of Meester Bramble and find a good place to hide.

a good hiding place

Under the curtain that hides some car seats is a good place to hide from

this…sweeper 2

And no, I am not a scaredy-cat. I am prudent!

Geiger The Brave.

hehehe! Sporran the Fearless


6 thoughts on “WHEN THINGS ARE SCARY…

  1. Jazz n Jewel have annexed the top shelf in the wardrobe to ‘make a strategic retreat/run away from scary things and people.
    And sometimes I would like to join them.
    Geiger, Sporran and Jazz n Jewel all show more sense that human beans some days.

    1. A big revolving brush on the front of a John Deere tractor! Instead of sweeping the gravel into the vaccum part of the sucker-truck machine, this brilliant toy sweeps the gravel up people’s driveways. Then 5 or6 real people have to come along with real brooms and sweep it back onto the road for the sucker-truck. Except…it started to rain and the broom people went home. sigh…human evolution has a loooong way to go!

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