Now, before you start with the “where have you beens” …our Secretary really was busy. And so were we.

Right now She is in New York (that’s in America) visiting our Hermano, Estorbo. He is a bit pissed off   cross because his blog was hacked by a dog!

So we’ve said that he can use our blog. Over to you, Storbie…

Muchas gracias, Hermanas.

Is ber’ber’ yumiliating to be hacked by a darg. He ‘as my password an’ I cannard eben ged on-line.Forghe! I weel think ob some way to get you, Ted. Maybe, eef I com to your house I weel sleep on your bed…

An’I weel nod let you keep my yoomans.

OK, you all as’ about my radioacteeb persona (ees good word, yes? I foun’ it in a book). I am not radioacteeb no mas. Was only few days. Now I am eading mucho, dreekeen mucho agua y peeing como un champion. Si. Libe ees good. Well, some ob the food ees…blah, but mos’ly ees OK.

Las’ week I hab a new lady stayeen’ here an’ lookeen after me. She’s OK, but now she has gone and The Secretary ob the hermanas een Australeea has com bag. I remember her! She ees OK too, bod she mage my fur wet when she cry. Also, she doan’ led me go on the roop een the night time. Por que?

Maybe, if the secretary ob the hermanas agree, I write more another day, OK?

Now, ees raineen again so I go an’ hab siesta on the bed.Maybe she leabe hor shirt for me…

Don Estorbo de la bodega Dominicana. IMG_3804




  1. Girls, you are very generous allowing Storbie to use your page but this is obviously an emergency and he needs help. I think you can trust your Secretary to get his yumans back – she has awesome powers, but having his page hacked will probably have long term emotional repercussions for him. Good luck Storbie!

  2. New laptop so I’m slowly rounding everything up from the other laptop which now will only stay on for 15-20 minutes top.

    I’m so very jealous, Di, New York and Storbie. I wish I could’ve joined you. However, Mom’s now developed a deep vein thrombosis, so new fun and games with various and sundry doctors.

    Have a great time!

    1. Ber’ber’ sorry about your Mama. An’ your lab tob, but at leas’ you can ged on-line! Maybe anordair day you weel co to Nuebo York an’ beesit me, si?

  3. Glad you are feeling better and eating and drinking well. And, it’s great that you have the Secretary. G and S are very generous to share their blog so that you can rally support for getting Ted. Just tell us what we can do … hasta luego, amigo!

    1. Gracias, Senora Webb. I yam readeen abou’ telepathy.The booghe say eef enough minds carcentrate ad the same time arn the same idea, eet weel happen.

  4. Hermano! So good to hear your voice again, so to speak. I could not hide my dismay when I saw that your blarg had been hacked by that darg — Ted. The human’s parents had a corgi that would steal her attention, so I know what havock these sawed-off canines can wreak. The corgi needs a cad to keep him in his place. Maybe a help wanted ad in the Cape Town newspaper seeking feline intervention at the home of the parents of Marie? Just a suggestion … they have been catless for too long.

    Pls thank G&S for allowing you to post on their blarg — I mean blog. Hope Dinah and you enjoy your visit.

    Yr amigo,


    1. Hola! ‘Kaika, ees ber’ber’ good to “see” you again. Ees maybe a good idea to have a cad een the Cabetown house. Maybe the Smoothman weel breeng home a lion to control the darg?

    1. Zulu? Are you also een South Afreeca? And who ees “Feenn” …Ees he een Scandeenavia? I yam confuse’…
      But eet ees good you wadge my back. Gracias.

    1. The back footed Efrikan cad was a frien’ who die’ Anodder frien’ ‘Kaika, sugges’ a replacemen’.
      Ees good idea;Tha’ house in Cabetown has no cad…

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