We are not amused. And that has nothing to do with the old queen!

The other day, The Witch scruffed-and-stuffed us with worm pills. Before breakfast!  Man! She’s getting devious. And the next day…? we were grabbed for that disgusting smelly stuff that’s supposed to deter fleas.

And this morning…we were stuffed in the box-with-locks and hauled off to see Dr.Vet.

It was a new vet today. He looks a bit like the boy across the road. Are children old enough to do things to us? But he wasn’t too bad.

Then The Secretary drove to the other doctor place and left The Man there and took us home.

Hahaha! The man had some pointy things poked in him, too.

But it’s dinner time now so maybe we’ll come in from the rain and forgive them…


4 thoughts on “NABBED AGAIN!

  1. I feel your pain! But there are ways of dealing with unsolicited human intervention. We know the smelly flea stuff is just around the corner, too, and are putting a plan in place. I will defer to the Sgian Dhub on this one. She is most devious.

  2. Oh you poor girls! I know it’s hard to believe but I really think the Secretary is doing it for the best. No consolation, I know, but sometimes you just have to trust her. Worms and fleas are really infra dig…

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