Oh dear! Some harsh words are being said this morning. We know when She is a bit cross because She says  words “in furrin” cos she thinks most people wont understand them. True. But it’s the tone of voice that gives her away.If she just said, in an ordinary voice, kustahajabu, no one would know, unless that person was from Africa. But when she kicks the waste basket and says, in her really grumpy voice, like telling Bentley to shut up, kustahajabu!  Well, I think everyone would steer clear.

So what’s got up her inefficient human nose today? Google, apparently, for messing about with her email. And Microsoft for messing about with something on The Man’s computer which she had to fix.

Stupid to get into such a lather over trifles. When, really, the only thing to be concerned about is the lack of chicken-chews. Why? Something to do with a chap in Rome, or somewhere, who says shops have to be closed today. kustahajabu!

So, what can we do if the rations have been cut? Hmmm…

Our friend, Zulu, is a bit upset because her bi-peds have just got a new kitten. We haven’t seen this kitten, but Dinah tells us it looks like this one  If you scroll down and click the verses they should be big enough to read. 

A bit like our old friend Rusty. Not much, just a bit.

 And we thought these dogs were quite clever. For dogs. Oh, Dinah says we should tell you that she found this at her friend’s blog, here In case you thought she’d been playing dress-up with the neighbourhood pooches.
We’ve just looked in her picture-box. Man! She really is slack! No new pictures of us. None! Go on, say it. You know you want to!

12 thoughts on “IT WOES

  1. Oh you cats, you can even write poetry now. I did enjoy the sneak preview of this book. Many thanks.
    But what I really, really enjoyed was the dogs! If I could play my ukelele like that I’d be very happy. I laughed and laughed. Of course, if it had been cats playing I wouldn’t have laughed at all. I know how to behave.

  2. The poetry is pure genius. Now if there was only some poetry brilliant enough to remove the cancerous pustule on the face of MY LIFE. Code name: Finn the marmalade kitten. ~ Zulu

    1. Oh, poor Zulu. But you’re still Numero Uno and the kitten will grow up. Eventually.Maybe Finn will be friends with Coco and leave you to check out the bird feeders?

      1. Finn and Coco are best buddies now. Watching them play is the highlight of my life these days. And Zulu? She’s very curious now but if he gets within 2 feet of her there’s trouble!

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