another excuse for bi-peds to party…

There will be a lot of rowdy parties tonight. Loud music, singing, shouting…not the sort of shenanigans that cats are interested in. Unless it involves food!

Mind you, She has been in here and borrowed my computer to check something she calls Met Office Waffle. Because we had a storm last night and there might be another storm tonight. Good! If it’s raining  like last night they will not be able to have their wretched fireworks. Man! I hate those things! Sporran doesn’t care.

Here’s something interesting…the WordPress people who help me with the typing and floor matting (not sure what mats and carpets have to do with it as we have bare floors here…) on my blog have sent me something they call an Anal Report about stuff I posted on the old blog. And this is what they said was my best effort. I note that storms were involved then, too.
What’s that? Oh. Everyone gets an Anal Report. Not just me?
The Secretary wants to use my computer again.    sigh….But here’s something to amuse you.  
Happy New Year and watch out for fireworks!

6 thoughts on “another excuse for bi-peds to party…

  1. Well I certainly hope you have enough rain to keep the fireworks away. I’ve just been staying at the beach with Basil the Beagle and he hated the fireworks – and it wasn’t even New Year’s Eve. I hope you don’t get scared tonight, Geiger. I know Sporran will be okay. I loved that little clip about Simon’s Cat. And I was pleased to be reminded of the parcel that brought Jim to you. Happy New Year to you both and to your humans. XOX

    1. Thank you. And we all hope you have Happy New Year.
      The Secretary has just been spreading those smelly brown beads in the garden and now it’s raining so she will be in a Good Mood. 🙂

  2. All three of the Simon’s Cat books live in this house. A delight. J n J love parcels too – though usually they only receive the wrappings.
    And a happy New Year to you both (and your Secretary). I hope you escaped the big storm, and that the fireworks were neither too loud nor bright.

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