….a rubbish heap?

Well, She has been working on what she calls her books. Chopping up teeny-weeny bits of paper if you ask me. She had TWO buckets for messed-up paper. Actually, we didn’t think it was messed-up. It was nice, thick scrunchy stuff that is great fun to bat around.

And she has been busy. The Man was away doing work things somewhere so She stayed up late at night and did her work. We played and chased paper. It was very companionable.Well, except for the singing. I wish she wouldn’t sing!

Anyway, she finished “her books” and The Man came home and  Sporran and I were playing bite-the-tail-and-run-away ( if you have never played that you should come round here some time. It’s brilliant!)

Well, there was a glass of something [ed: my one remaining champagne flute, actually.Brat!] on the counter and I made a spectacular leap from the rocking chair, rebounding off the table and onto…the counter. Man! That stuff spreads!

Geiger did it

Apparently, at this time of the year, the bi-peds go a bit doo-lally and hang coloured paper and sparkly stuff  all over the place.

So I thought I’d pitch in, too. She trimmed some of the vine beside the carport (says it is really scratchy;nearly as scratchy as me.Huh?) so we twisted it into a wreath and then she hung it on the cabinet knob….and said we were not to play with it!


Oh, well, have a happy Christmas, ask nicely for turkey treats (whatever  that means!) and don’t demand  your jelli-meat too early!



  1. That scratchy vine wreath looks like something from the ginger family? Yes? And Jazz n Jewel would be unable to resist it. They are also particularly partial to plants which are poisonous to cats like lilies and orchids.
    And a happy Christmas to Geiger and Sporran. May the Turkey Treats arrive EARLY.

    1. Yes, the red bit is a part of a ginger-y thing. Begins with C but it’s not cat!I’ll tell Her to email you.People eat them.Blechh! I prefer grasshoppers.;-)
      Have fun, JandJ

  2. here’s a catly little Christmas tune that arrived in the post yesterday

    “Angels on treetops and tinsel so shiny,
    Porcelain Santas and reindeer quite tiny,
    Low hanging ornaments, popcrn oc string…
    Say your good-byes to your favourite things!”

    Enjoy all the treats and the silliness of the season!

  3. Our human likes to cut up and fold papers, too. I try to help, but she can be very unappreciative. I’ve learned to live with it. After all, she does feed me. And are you sure the vine “wreath” your Secretary made is not really a cat toy?

    1. To tell the truth, ‘Kaika, it’s rather boring. But we have a new cardboard “castle” and we can amuse ourselves (and Them) with that.
      Big purrs to your Human and Happy new Year.

  4. My reply went missing! I think the scratchy vine on the wreath may be Petrea? Looks like the bit The Secretary sent me. I hope she has finished her books and posted them. You don’t need her being too stressed. Hmmm… Smashing the last champagne flute was a bit of a mistake. Obviously not really your fault though, Geiger. Have a Merry and a Happy week, all of you. xox

    1. Yes, she has finished the first books and tidied away all the papers.But only for this week because people might want to sit on the chairs!
      Yes, the scratchy is Petrea, with Costus bracts.
      Merry and Happy, everyone.!

    1. That would really upset her…she has a “thing” at present for something called pepperjack. One bottle costs 25 of our cans of food.Hope you’re having a good time with Pumpkin and Pickles.

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