We like feathers. They are often colourful and they float around the house in the breeze. Of course, we catch hell if we so much as look like chasing them if they’re still attached to a bird. Pity…

Lately, we’ve had some very interesting feathers hanging out with us. Well, they hang out in the trees, but they don’t seem to mind if we hang out on the deck rail and talk to them. Pretty colours!

shes looking at us


Rainbow lorikeets  (Trichoglossus haematodus)

The Secretary snuck up on them with her picture box. She’s hoping they’ll drop some feathers for her to collect. We could help them dro–owww!I was only saying…

Do you remember that nice lady in Brooklyn who sent me a bird called Jim?

“Jim” by Ann Wood

Well, she has made a whole new flock of birds. Owls. I want one!  I think Jim gets lonely…http://annwood.net/blog/2012/12/13/please-meet-these-owls/

Oh yes! Sporran has just reminded me…our hermano in Brooklyn has a calendar. You can see it over at his blog. Hey! If Estorbo is in Brooklyn and Ann is in Brooklyn…hmm…maybe I email him.

It’s too hot to sit in here amusing my readers (if there are any). I’m going back to my “other” garden, next door. Up there, no one can see me. I can do some serious bird-watching. Maybe I’ll be famous, like that Attenborough fellow. Also, if I hide, the witch wont be able to shove pills down my throat!


10 thoughts on “FEATHERS

    1. Well, tell your slaves to check local pet stores.Maybe they can buy one.But they might cost several dinners worth of $$$!
      I’ll see about “finding” some feathers…owww! She heard that!

  1. Jazz n Jewel want feathers – attached feathers that is. They bird watch intently. And probably know more than the Attenborough fellow who probably doesn’t eat (or want to) half of what he watches.
    Both the owls and the calendar are spectacular…

  2. Geiger, of course The Secretary could make owls. You need to point out to her that she has plenty of time on her hands, she just needs to get her priorities right!

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