Sporran and I were getting  a tad fed up with waiting for things to be re-vamped and ramped-up over at Cat Thoughts.

So I started this blog. It’s all mine. Nothing at all to do with the woman who feeds us. Mine! All mine. Except… I still have to book time on the computer, so this might be a weekly blog. If you save my URL in a reader you’ll get updates when they’re published. Or you could click that “follow” button, up there on the right. Try not to get distracted by trying to read my music! And if you don’t? Well, I guess you’ll just have to keep getting that little Spanish hombre to check!



12 thoughts on “WINDS OF CHANGE…

  1. Congratulations, Geiger, and dare I say it, Sporran! Well done, getting out of the web of The Secretary is quite an achievement. Make sure you get that weekly time on the computer. It will be good for your souls. Best wishes,
    Carol xxx

  2. Good for you to get free of the human servant! At least for blogging. Let her know her place is for opening cans (mostly). Now you can write about her behind her back more freely. I do hope you’ll let Sporran share the account from time to time.

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